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Lake muck never was so much fun, South Lake Howard Clean Up, Saturday April 14, 2012

April 16, 2012
Lake Howard Nature Park Pier

An enthusiastic and hearty group of 9 Sierran’s along with Lakeland Ledger reporter Tom Palmer congregated at South Lake Howard Nature Park to clean the portion of the park that abuts the Lake. We cleaned the area surrounding the pier, which included muck that was underneath the pier. Water hyacinths were in bloom in lavender and the day was overcast. We thoroughly enjoyed each other and the conversation with each other. We all felt great contributing to make Lake Howard a cleaner place. Margo, Alisa, Will,  Tom and Nick took the Kayaks/Canoes in the Lakeland around the pier to get trash, and they had to deal with a 10 knot wind. Andy and John worked beneath the Pier, and Frances and Marian worked on and around the pier. Gail was able to assist with photography. Frances provided a great lunch. During lunch we were able to talk about many exciting items, such as Tom giving Margo some instruction on new hiking trails in Polk County. Tom also gave Andy, Gail and Margo some really interesting birding tips. We had a wonderful morning of service and fellowship.


South Lake Howard Nature Park:

Address: 1582 Lake Howard Drive South, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Entrance Latitude:  N 28.014635 & Longitude W 81.748238

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